WPT3 – Testing phase analysis

In the realm of the ASIS project, ASIS partners developed online trainings and guidelines which are designed to disseminate the concrete project results so that stakeholders can benefit from the work done in the project. All ASIS trainings were developed in a joint participatory approach. Based on the project’s research activities, the ASIS project partners defined 8 topics for online trainings and 5 topics for guidelines. Each partner developed a concept for their respective topic which was validated by the consortium and external stakeholders. All partners proceeded to develop their trainings with the support of the work package leader Steinbeis 2i and feedback from other partners.

In order ensure the quality and usefulness of the developed materials, all materials were tested and assessed during a 3-months testing phase between August and October 2020. Different stakeholders of the ASIS partners were asked to test the trainings and guidelines on Social Innovation developed by ASIS partners and to give their feedback in an online feedback questionnaire. Overall, 8 different trainings and 5 guidelines were subjected to tests. The following report is an analysis of the testing phase entailing an evaluation of the results as well as an individual report for each training and guideline. In the last paragraph, it also describes the improvements done to each training and guideline which were decided in a joint feedback workshop in December 2020.

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