WORKSHOP – Social innovation, local actors and public policies – round 2

Following the success of the first workshop held on 31 January 2020, at the MACI (Grenoble), where proposals had emerged on how public institutions could better support social innovation, a second session was organized last June. This online workshop intended to dig deeper on some selected issues. The objective was to start from existing recommendations and sketch out more concrete and practical ideas.
Three topics were discussed by the participants.

Topic #1 How to make public actors more easy to reach and remove barriers.
A third place for social innovation (physical and virtual) that would integrate all the stakeholders and actors of the territory related to social innovation: public actors, private actors, associations and citizens.

Topic #2 Raise awareness about societal and environmental issues, and enhance the value and credibility of social innovation and social economy.
Sustain the solidarity and volunteering actions that took place during the Covid 19 crisis, in particular through the sponsorship / volunteering of skills from companies, communities and individuals.

Topic #3 Governance
Give ourselves the right and the resources to experiment new forms of governance and offer experimental spaces to live these experiences, particularly collective projects or co-creation of public policies with other actors.

To have a complete feedback about these workshop results, please refer to the report.

The second edition of the ASIS Grenoble workshop, was organized by Département de l’Isère & Oxalis.
This workshop is part of the European project INTERREG ASIS (Alpine Social Innovation Strategy), which aims to develop a strategy for social innovation in the Alpine area.