TREEDOM, a platform contributing to reforestation – Italy

Federico co-founded Treedom, an online platform that allows people and companies to plant trees remotely and offset CO2 emissions by directly financing small farmers in economic hardship.

Federico’s idea
He has been creating an alliance between farmers and supporters willing to make reforestation a sustainable source of long-term income for smallholders. Treedom empowers local communities to start new agricultural enterprises by helping them fill the time gap between planting a seed and growing a tree.

Contributing to reforestation
Federico’s innovation lies in his strategy. His online platform allows anyone, from any corner of the world, to contribute to reforestation. Each tree is geolocated and photographed so that users can follow its growth. The virtual community is maintained active and can follow the growth of their trees, monitor their CO2 offsetting and communicate with other users (or often, their colleagues) convincing more people to join the platform. Thanks to Federico’s strategy small farmers can now benefit from and play an important role in the CO2 offset market, which they usually don’t have access to.

With Treedom you finance farmers who want to plant trees, supporting their work in the early years, when the trees are not yet productive. Farmers receive know-how and technical support from Treedom for the planting and management of trees. Trees are photographed, geolocated and monitored by Treedom over time.

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