TRAINING #5 – General methodology for the development of public policies to support social innovation based on the bottom up approach

In this MOOC we will talk about how best to implement a bottom up approach that will help create an adequate framework for development of suitable support policies for SI. We will introduce one way (bottom up) you can initiate the process of either developing new or improving existing public policies that support SI. 

Open the presentation (ppt) to follow the process of the MOOC. We suggest you watch videos from 1 to 9 and read supporting documents after each section. You are welcome to take the quiz after the MOOC.

The presentation can also be downloaded here.

Video #1 – ASIS introduction

Video #2 – About this training

Video #3 – Training content

Video #4 – Surveying target groups

Video #5 – Workshop with stakeholders

Video #6 – Interview with policy experts – case study

Video #7 – Co-creating the social innovation strategy

Video #8 – Dissemination

Video #9 – Conclusion

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