TRAINING #1 – A common vision of social innovation in the alpine space

This short video presents what social innovation means for ASIS partners. After watching it, you should be able to understand this widespread concept and its main characteristics.

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English version hereunder.


Listen carefully and then test your knowledge with the quiz we prepared for you. And of course, do not hesitate to visit the websites listed at the end if you want to go deeper into the social innovations mentioned.

If you do not understand a specific word or expression, do not hesitate to check the glossary we prepared for you.

We also invite you to visit the websites listed at the end of the video.

To find out more about the initiatives presented in the video, you can visit the following web sites:


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=> If you want to understand better how ASIS partners define social innovation in the Alpine Space, please, refer to this work about a common definition.

=> We also recommend continuing with Training #2 about the Alpine Space strategy on social innovation.

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