Grenoble workshop - Lyon 2

Workshop in Grenoble, France: how public institutions could better include social innovation in their policies?

Recently, the ASIS French partners organised a workshop in Grenoble, France, with local stakeholders, involved in social innovation.

This workshop has been the opportunity to gather stakeholders form the public and the local sector, which is not a common encounter!

This half-day workshop aimed to discuss, from different points of view, how public institutions could better include and support social innovation in and by their policies (AXE 5 / WPT5)

This topic and this workshop took place as part of two different levels:

·        The ASIS project : the contributions on public policies recommendations, resulting from the different working groups of the day, will be included in the final activity of the WP5 : the white book of recommendation for policy-makers

·        The Department of Isère’s work, consisting in working on the evolution of their own public policies, to better support, include, scale-up social innovation. This workshop was a way to better understand the needs from the local stakeholders and spot the suggestions they could work on.

For more information:

Workshop animation

Evénement organisé par OXALIS, la chaire ESS de l’Université Lyon 2 et le Département de l’Isère