Social Innovation days at Center Noordung

Last November, Center Noordung organized the Social Innovation Days, within the frame of the ASIS project, a three-day session to discuss about social innovation with experts and public authorities.
You will find all details below as well as the links to the videos, if you want to catch up with the conferences.

DAY 1: 22.10.2020
Two speakers with 35 participants from social innovation ecosystem in Slovenia. Topics were The EU Green Deal, Circular economy and Ecocivilisation. Ladeja Godina Kosir – Ladeja is an internationally recognised Circular Economy Leader – the finalist of The Circular Awards / WEF 2018 and featured as one of #EUwomen4future. An entrepreneur with a background in the creative industries, today the driving force of the circular economy in Slovenia and Central-Eastern Europe – the Chair of CG of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP) in Brussels. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Circular Change, the first circular economy platform in the Adriatic Region. Vioeta Bulc – is an open-minded former European Commissioner, devoted to solving problems in a collaborative and innovative way. The essence of her work is directed at improving the quality of life for people in the European Union. From her previous work experience and her current role she knows how to create networks and develop strategies that address societal demands for greater connectivity, mobility and global awareness. As European Commissioner for Transport, her policy goals aimed to make mobility solutions environmentally friendly, competitive and inclusive, to create jobs, growth and maintain social fairness.

DAY 2: 29.10.2020
Online event, conducted through Zoom. 2 contributions from local experts on social innovation topics: 1. Karolina Babic (PhD) talked about Sloveninan perspective on Social Innovation. 2. Matic Primc talked about Participatory budget (on municipality level). Both work in local association called CAAP.

DAY 3: 5.11.2020
First part was a presentation from a member of working group at Ministry of Economy in Slovenia about the financial perspective of Cohesion policy/funds – Ms. Nena Dokuzov. The second part was a workshop facilitated by Maja Novak on 4 topics: 1. Finance for SI; 2. Social impact measurments; 3. SI in public administration; 4. SI support ecosystem.