Lyon 2 University - Semaine de l'Innovation

WORKSHOP – Social innovation and territorial development – Lyon, France

As part of the IN-SITU Innovation Week, the University Lumière – Lyon 2 (France) and the Chair in Social and Solidarity Economy organised a round-table on social innovation and territorial development, on December 2nd.

This event was brought together, around Emilie Lanciano, Chair President and Bertrand Tortellier ASIS (Alpine Social Innovation Strategy) project manager. Many specialists and project leaders in social innovation were invited to reflect on four issues: What are social innovation practices and how do they relate to social needs? How does it provide answers to the local territorial challenges ? What are the different economic models of social innovation? And finally, what are the conditions for success or obstacles encountered during the development of these projects?

A particular reflection was carried out on the specific problems of mountain areas.

These themes provided a great opportunity to exchange views on local visions of social innovation and to share experiences and innovative initiatives.