Participate in the Alpine Social Innovation Day – April 1st

How Social Innovation can change innovation, cooperation and public action?

To celebrate the completion of the ASIS Interreg project, the 10 partners from Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia, are honored to invite you to the Alpine Social Innovation Day on April 1st.
This international event will host conferences,workshopsnetworking activities, to discuss how Social Innovation changes cooperation and public action.

On this occasion, three different workshops will be organized in the morning, questioning how Social Innovation can change 1/ our vision of innovation, 2/ our public policies, 3/ our forms of cooperation. In the afternoon, the three proposed workshops will address how Social Innovation can change 1/ our funding schemes, 2/ our ways to measure social impact and finally 3/ our ways to create social value and to build business models. 
During these sessions, we will welcome some engaging testimonials, highlight some interesting European pilot experimentations and share the most relevant ASIS project outputs.

Additionally, several networking activities will be open all day long, to meet virtually, in a friendly atmosphere.

This European online event will take place on April 1st 2021, from 09:30 am until 5 pm. It will be in English language.
The detailed agenda is available hereunder.
Registration is mandatory.


< 09h30 – 10h // Welcome online coffee >

< 10h – 11h // Opening plenary session >

< 11h – 12h30 // Morning workshops >

How Social Innovation can change:

1 – Our vision of innovation
Workshop: “Social innovation strives to make people’s life better” – how can we incorporate technological innovation into that goal? 

2 – Our public policies
Workshop: “How can public actors and social innovators join their force to answer the growing challenges of our time?”

3 – Our forms of cooperation
Workshop: “Public-Private Collaborations for positive impact”. 

< 12h30 – 14h // Lunch break – Networking activities >

< 14h – 15h30 // Afternoon workshops >

How Social Innovation can change:

4 – Our funding schemes proposed by public actors
Workshop: “Funding for Social Innovation, an interactive challenge-game” 

5 – Our ways to consider and measure social impact
Workshop: “Social impact, methodologies, measurement and concrete applications” 

6 – Our way to create social value and to build business models
Workshop: “Business models of the future”. 

< 15h30 – 16h // Closing session >

< 16h – 17h // Final interactive networking session >