WPT1 – Report on new Alpine space program social innovation vision

Social innovation general definition 

  • A new answer to social needs or societal challenges, met by Alpine area, regardless of the nature of innovation (technology, services, new uses…),
  • Through a collaborative approach that involves beneficiaries, users and affected stake holders,
  • That has a positive, sustainable and measurable impact.

Possible levels of applications

  • Social needs and societal challenges* (ecological issues must be linked to social need or challenge?) Cf. WPT2
  • Positive impact
  • Sustainable impact
  • Measurable impacts
  • Beneficiaries/users

Social innovation processes

Social innovation impact

  • What are the criteria? (definition)
  • What are the indicators? (evaluation)

Social innovation criteria

We need to agree on the definition of each of these elements:

  • Level of newness / concept of innovation
  • Social dimension
  • Ecological (environmental) dimension. 

How do we consider this question of environment? Either as a separate condition if we consider ecology and social innovation are closely related or do we only consider the environment aspect when it is clearly linked to a social need, as suggested (cf. WPT2)

Social impact measurement

We suggest to determine 2 or 3 simple key elements easy to operate to measure social impact and to consider time of observation.

  • Level of complexity. Logical course of action doesn’t allow complex models. Cf. WP4. (some simple tools have been developed by AVISE and other organisations). 

>   Social impact existing tools benchmark

  • Duration: Immediate impact/medium term and long-term impact and connection between impact in time. 
  • Effectiveness/efficiency (= effectiveness + level of mobilized resources)
  • Side effects/unexpected effects (on observed population or another population) 

Assumption: An action cannot be presented as a positive impact if it induces a negative impact otherwise)

Further notes:

Considering issues encountered by invited actors to fill online survey, it might be relevant to anticipate an awareness program (videos, testimonies…) before implementing training and social innovation schools.