ASIS : the work so far

The ASIS project officially started with a Kick-off meeting hosted by Carinthia University of Applied Sciences in Villach, Austria. All the project partners and some project observers had the opportunity to meet and plan the first steps and actions of the project.

The first objective of ASIS was to find a common definition for Social Innovation (SI) in the Alpine Space area. The first step was conducting an online survey on SI, multiple public and private actors participated and shared their insight on SI. Once the survey was over, the partners hosted focus groups to discuss the results with the participants. All the feedback was analyzed by a group of experts from the University of Lyon II, which were able to propose a the definition on Social Innovation which was later discussed on a focus group with all the ASIS partners in Lyon. The official definition will be available on the ASIS website.

Today, ASIS is working with the most important stake holders to identify the main challenges face by the different territories from the Alpine Space, is creating a Social Innovation Strategy platform and is preparing a series of online courses on SI.