Join the Alpine Social Innovation Day!

The ASIS project team is ready to welcome you on April 1st to our Alpine Social Innovation Day!
It is a great opportunity to discuss how Social Innovation changes cooperation and public actions, to get inspired from interesting initiatives and to meet Alpine space actors.

To celebrate the completion of the ASIS project, wewill host experts and international speakers from the different participating countries. After a plenary session, the day will be articulated around six workshops, questioning how social innovation changes cooperation and public action, based on testimonials, European pilot experimentations and some of the ASIS project outputs. Additionally, several networking sessions will be organized, to stimulate conversations and give participants the occasion to meet virtually and share opportunities. 

Our event partners:
TUBA (Lyon Urban Data) / Habitat et HumanismeJAZON Torino Social ImpactTIRESIA / Heartbeats Innovation & Communication / ZAVOD VOZIM / Inovativen.siLaboratoire CoactisHomes4Alldabba consigne / Métropole Grand Lyon ILOÉ Envie Rhône / Bodymemory Impact Hub Vienna / POA srls