Inoumo, a body-centered approach to unite people – Germany

INOUMO stands for inside-out and bottom up: where we come from, we share our anatomy. Inoumo unites people regardless of diverse social, cultural and political backgrounds by exploring anatomy with touch and movement – fostering resilience, health and agency and a more peaceful community.
To be more in contact with ourselves facilitates more empathy and appreciation towards others.

The objective

Through its body-centered approach, Inoumo supports people in precarious life situations to find their way back to more strength and energy, psychological balance, and social involvement. The focus on one’s own anatomy (bones, muscles, etc.) makes it possible to experience stability, strength and flexibility in one’s own body.

The vision

Inumo’s vision is a society characterized by social inclusion, participation, solidarity and peace. This can become possible through the shared experience of the same anatomy across sectors in all areas of society and across national, cultural and social boundaries.

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