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How to Achieve Systemic Change with Social Innovation

On October 22nd 2019, ASIS partner “Center Noordung” organized a conference titled ‘How to Achieve Systemic Change with Social Innovation?’ in Vitanje, Slovenia. Stakeholders of the Slovenian social innovation ecosystem were invited.

Tanja Tamše, who runs the ASIS project in Center Noordung, briefly presented the project and it’s goals, along with the new ASIS platform. She a also presented the questionnaires which all the participants were invited to fill in, to help create suggestions and understanding of social innovation in Slovenia.

Mag. Janez Topolšek, Head of Social Entrepreneurship, Cooperative and Economic Democracy at Ministry of Economy, presented ‘Supporting Policies for Social Entrepreneurship‘. Then, mag. Primož Šporar, founder of the Fund05 and a member of the European Economic and Social Committee gave a keynote speech titled ‘European perspective on social innovation‘.

In the second, dynamic and collaborative part of the meeting, debates were led by Simona Roškar. Thus, in the short term, we have gathered a number of different views, insights and opinions, including proposals for improving policies in the field of social innovation. 

To read more about the conclusions about the workshop: Conclusion of the Vitanje workshop