Have a sneak peek and help us improve our ASIS materials!

The ASIS project developed online trainings and guidelines to spread knowledge about social innovation. Are you interested in learning about social innovation, social impact measurement or how innovative forms of cooperation can be established? Then you can have a sneak peek at our materials. Train yourself with one of our online trainings or read through our guidelines.

As we are still in the process of evaluating and improving the materials, your feedback is very valuable to us. Why not check out our trainings and guidelines and fill in our feedback questionnaire afterwards?!

Here you can find all the online trainings: https://socialinnovationstrategy.eu/category/resources/asis-trainings/

Give your feedback here: https://forms.gle/2b3b8FCAy9NknSgk9

Read our guidelines here: https://socialinnovationstrategy.eu/category/resources/guidelines-social-innovation/

Give your feedback here: https://forms.gle/NwuZZd2WWmck1eTF8