EUSALP - French presidency

France is taking over EUSALP presidency

The 4th of February, in Lyon (France), France officially took the presidency of the EUSALP for 2020, after the 2019 Italian presidency. This is, indeed, a rotating presidency.

The EUSALP (European Union Strategy for the Alpine Region) is the common framework supported by the European Council,  that includes all the INTERREG Alpine Space program’s projects, such as ASIS.

This official event was the opportunity to run a stand to present the ASIS project, as part of the action group 1 of the EUSALP :“research and innovation”.

A day and a place where the French partners, already on site, represented the project, discussed, shared the project’s objectives and activities, established contacts and spread the word on social innovation!

2020 will be then devoted to :

1.      Developing year-round sustainable tourism

2.      Promoting consumption of locally-sourced mountain products

3.      Developing sustainable mobility and transport

4.      Providing education for young people about mountain regions and enabling their participation in the sustainable development of the Alpine region

5.      Speeding up the energy transition of the Alpine region

6.      Conserving biodiversity and preventing natural hazards

7.      Activities to improve governance

2020 has already started so… let’s innovate !

EUSALP - French presidency