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    • Promote innovative grants and funding opportunities for social innovation
      This is the first recommendation we are currently working on, within the frame of the ASIS project, in order to help public institutions better support social innovation in their territory. The idea is to:
      • develop collaborative infrastructure to increase innovative funding schemes.
      • launch cooperative, participatory and cross-disciplinary calls for proposals.
      • adapt regional and economic promotion and development.
      How can we increase the access to funding and the awareness about existing funding programmes? We invite you to give us some input, by sharing alternative forms of funding for social innovation and by exchanging on some best practice examples that illustrate how it can be implemented.
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    • Support social entrepreneurship ecosystem
      This is one of the recommendations we are currently working on, within the frame of the ASIS project. The idea is to have specific actions toward social entrepreneurs to support them in the emergence and development of their project. What examples of good practices can be included? (for the topic of social entrepreneurship ecosystem support specifically)? What are the conditions to a successful implementation of the public policy at transnational level? (Main steps to implement the public policy?) Do you see any kind of transferability of good practices regarding both, the country- as well as the level-context Covid 19 as a topic?
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    • 2 years, 4 months ago

      Tanja Tamse

    • Integrate social innovation approach in public action
      The third recommendation we are working on, within the frame of the ASIS project, is how to integrate social innovation approach in public action. It means:
      • Institutionalize linking of public and private networks.
      • Facilitate socially innovative cooperation models between public and private actors.
      • Create a network of social innovation ambassadors within public institutions.
      • Integrate social innovation approach in public action.(SI competitions).
      • Strengthen cooperation between public and private actors to create networks and new ways of collaboration.
      Focus on the 5 actions presented and let us know what you think about their relevance. Are they complete, is there something essential missing? What is your opinion on the “transferability” to other countries or at Alpine Space Level ? Share some examples that illustrate this kind of approach, how the action could be implemented. Feel free to share some resources or document on what comes to your mind?! (The format, what do public actors need to know/are expected to know)
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