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    • Making public policy recommendations
      Within the frame of the ASIS project, we are currently working at the elaboration of some recommendations for public institutions, in order to help them better support social innovation on their territory. This work can be used as a foundation to create and develop common social innovation strategy European wide. This is also a way to institutionalize  social innovation on the local, regional, national, European and global levels.  
      We have worked on three global recommendations, and as stakeholders, economic and social actors, public authorities..., we invite you to share your expertise and give us your opinion. These 3 global recommendations are to be discussed in 3 different topics:  
      • Topic #1 - Promote innovative grants and fundings opportunities for social innovation
      • Topic #2 - Support social entrepreneurship system
      • Topic #3 - Integrate social innovation approach in public action
      Does it seem relevant for you? How can it be implemented? At which level? Any inspiring examples you would like to share?
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