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The ASIS project team is happy to welcome you to the Alpine Social Innovation Day dedicated space. The event will take place on April 1st but meanwhile, we invite you to scroll all the way down to have a look at the detailed agenda, to learn more about the speakers and to introduce yourself via our networking tools.

We wish you a nice and fruitful visit!

The agenda

We are glad to share with the detailed schedule of our Alpine Social Innovation Day.
This is a full day event with plenary sessions, workshops and with dedicated time for international networking activities.

9:30 – Welcome online cafe

We will welcome you in a friendly atmosphere to start to get to know each other virtually.

10:00 – Opening plenary session

Welcome message from Mr. Jim Walker, Vice President of Lyon 2 University, in charge of international relations, and Ms. Emilie Lanciano, in charge of the Chair of Entrepreneurship in SSE at Université Lumière Lyon 2.
Short presentation of participants and what ASIS has changed in each partner’s country.
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11:00 – WORKSHOP #1
“Social innovation strives to make people’s life better” – how can we incorporate technological innovation into that goal?

How our vision of innovation can influence the vision of the other forms of innovation, especially technological innovation? How technological and social innovation can work together?

Ms. Emilie Lanciano
Mr. Jure Raztočnik

Ms. Lenka Puh
Ms. Mathilde Colin

11:00 – WORKSHOP #2
“How can public actors and social innovators join their force to answer the growing challenges of our time?”

Discuss about new ways of building public policies : what place for civil society ? Citizen social innovation mouvements : what place for public actors ?

Ms. Agnès Bachelot-Journet
Dr. Rahel Schomaker
Ms. Christina Lobnig
Ms. Jessika Pöcher

11:00 – WORKSHOP #3
“Public-Private Collaborations for positive impact”

The success factors of cooperation between public and private actors to answer territorial needs = good practices, recommandations and testimonies showing the diversity of cooperations between public and private SI actors in the Alpine Space

Ms. Bistra Kumbaroska

Dr. Katrin Hochberg
Mr. Guido Locatelli

Mr. Fabrizio Barbiero

13:00 – Networking activities

After the lunch break, join our networking activities on Wonder.

14:00 – WORKSHOP #4
“Funding for Social Innovation, an interactive challenge-game”

What is necessary to keep in mind when applying for funding? Recommendations to support social innovation fundings? What are factors for social innovation funding for different actors (interactive game).
Best practice example: ASHOKA

Mrs. Miriam Mohr
Mr. Gabriel Penuela

14:00 – WORKSHOP #5
“Social impact, methodologies, measurement and concrete applications” 

Sociation innovations and their multiplicative impact on the development of the society = different approaches of measurement of social impact – focus on the impact of SI on employability –
Measurement of social impact. Methodologies and tools to measure social impact. How public authorities face with social impact measurement: the Torino Social impact case study. Social impact measurement: a concrete case Habitat&Humanism. – Dialogue on the practice: sharing experiences.

Mr. Emiliano Iannone
Mr. Federico Guiati

Ms. Heloise Boyer
Ms. Valentina Tosi
Ms. Gaia Giombelli
Ms. Marie Savereux

14:00 – WORKSHOP #6
“Business models of the future”

Thanks to a growing sense of commitment to civic causes and solving
environmental challenges, almost 25% of all new startups in the EU are social enterprises. The business models of the future clearly rely on “doing well” and “doing good” at the same time. In this workshop, we will go through some of the most unique examples in social business modelling from Central and Eastern Europe, that shape society and challenge the economic systems of today.

Ms. Bistra Kumbaroska

Mr. Matija Kodra
Mrs. Beatrice Schlee
Ms. Marion Scapin
Mr. David Razborsek

Mr. Federico Disegni
Ms. Sophie Zechmeister
Dr. Rahel Schomaker

15:30 – Closing session

Conclusion of the day. Tools and materials available after the project to continue changes to happen.
Alpine Space Innovation Programme 2021-2027: new financial opportunities, by Primož Skrt, Project Officer of the Alpine Space Programme.

16:00 – Networking activities

Lets’ take the opportunity of the event to exchange with your peers, check opportunities, via our online networking tools (via WONDER)!

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The speakers

Christine Andre / France

Christine André is specialized in European cooperations and responsible of the research and development department of Oxalis. She works with social and/or innovative enterprises, laboratories and public authorities to help them to develop their projects.Coordination of ASIS INTERREG project, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme and Medcoop regional action (ERDF).


 More information about Christine Andre




Primož Skrt / Slovenia

Project Officer at Interreg Alpine Space.

Héloïse Boyer / France

Facilitator and business coach, she works with social entrepreneurs, public innovators and larger companies involved in transition projects. She contributed to different parts of the ASIS project: Social innovation academy in France, recommendation for public actors and writing of Guidelines on social impact evaluation.

Agnès Bachelot Journet / France

Director of the “Performance and Modernisation of Public Service“, in the Department of Isère, a French infra-regional public authority.
She coordinates 5 units that are all ressources-teams for the whole institution.
She is convinced that transversality, collective and “out of the box” approaches are the keys for a more adapted public service.


 More information Agnès Bachelot Journey

Département de l’Isère


Jim Walker / France

Mr. Jim Walker is Vice President of the University of Lyon II, in charge of international relations and a senior lecturer in English linguistics.


 More information about Jim Walker

 Université Lyon 2

Beatrice Schlee / Germany

Wherever we come from, we share our anatomy. bodymemory unites people regardless of diverse social, cultural and political backgrounds by exploring our anatomy with touch & movement – fostering resilience, health and agency and a more peaceful community. To be more in contact with ourselves facilitates more empathy and appreciation towards others.


 More information about Beatrice Schlee


Marie Savereux / France

Marie Savereux is the marketing and communication director of Habitat et Humanisme, a French movement that has been working for 35 years in favour of housing, inclusion and recreation of social bonds. She is also project manager for the social impact measurement process launched by Habitat et Humanisme.


 More information about Marie Savereux

 Habitat et Humanisme

Guido Locatelli / France

Guido Locatelli is president and CEO of ENVIE Rhône. The organization contributes to the creation of a public/private cooperation, ILOE, a collective hub for circular economy operating in the management of heterogeneous wastes.


 More information about Guido Locatelli

 ENVIE Rhône

Mathilde Colin / France

Mathilde Colin is a project coordinator at the Tubà, in Lyon, a place to innovate and experiment for tomorrow’s city. She coordinates the cohabitation of the different resident organizations and works on several projects with Tubà’s partners. Since 2019, she is also working on the Interreg programme “Data Economy Alpine Space”.


 More information about Mathilde Colin


Federico Disegni / Italy

Federico has expertise in the development and growth of new businesses and start-ups. He is skilled in drafting of business, development and re-structuring plans. In addition, he is General Manager of Homes4All innovative startup and Benefit Corporation and CEO of Brainscapital Benefit Corporation, founding partner of Homes4All.


 More information about Federico Disegni


Emeline Baume de Brosses / France

Vice-President of Economy, Employment, Commerce, Digital and Public Purchasing at Métropole de Lyon, France

She contributes to the creation of public/ private co-op ILOE, a collective hub for circular economy operating in the management of heteregeous wastes.


 More information about Emeline Baume de Brosses

 Métropole de Lyon

Marion Scapin / France

Marion is cofounder @ dabba consigne, a startup located in Grenoble, France launched in 2020. Driven by the will to have a positive impact on her territory, she imagined with her friend Caroline, a solution to reduce waste from single used food containers. Today already 30 restaurants already involved, spin-offs in process in 2 other french cities and 4 different prizes rewarding their efforts!


 More information about Marion Scapin


Matija Kodra / Slovenia

In past twelve years I have gained work experience, skills and knowledge in the field of Slovenian Public Administration Reform Programme and on the basis of cooperation at the international level (European institutions, OECD (OPSI), EU networks (EUPAN, SCM Steering Group, Better regulation Group,…). At, our wish is that innovative approaches become our every day, we want to strengthen the innovation culture in the environment of public administration.


 More information about Matija Kodra

Ministry of public affairs, Republic of Slovenia

Tanja Tamse / Slovenia

Project coordinator at Center Noordung, building the SI ecosystem in Slovenia. Coordinating local and international projects that will create a more sustainable world with the help of innovative practices and collaborations.


 More information about Tanja Tamse

Center Noordung

Fabrizio Barbiero / Italy

Manager in City of Turin – EU Funds, Innovation Department of City of Turin.

Works on cohesion policy; social/open innovation, local development programme, SMEs policy, entrepreneurship, urban regeneration, territorial marketing, organisational innovation.


 More information about Fabrizio Barbiero

 City of Turin

David Razboršek / Slovenia

David is a marketing and social change expert. He runs an NGO Zavod Vozim, which creates initiatives for improving traffic safety, sustainable mobility, healthy lifestyle, prevention of discrimination… His projects have received several national and international awards, including the one for the best initiative in the field of road safety in the EU by the European Commission.


 More information about David Razboršek

Zavod Vozim


Bistra Kumbaroska / Macedonia

A community innovator, entrepreneur and a poet, Bistra spends her time witnessing and supporting courageous steps made by humans, combining innovative tools for business and impact. She has been involved in the creation and scaling of more than 5 networks and entities across different industries in CEE and has organized, facilitated and shared her experience at more than 117 international events and conferences so far.


 More information about Bistra Kumbaroska

 Heartbeats Innovation

Emiliano Iannone / Italy

Project Manager for Torino Chamber of commerce. His main expertise focuses on the management of EU-funded projects in the field of entrepreneurship creation, social impact and regional development.


 More information about Emiliano Iannone

 Chamber of Commerce of Turin

Valentina Tosi / Italy

Valentina Tosi is a research fellow in Tiresia, the Politecnico di Milano School of Management’s Research Centre on Social and Impact Innovation. She graduated in Management Engineering in 2018 at Politecnico di Milano. Here, her research and projects are related to Impact Measurement and Management for Social Business.


 More information about Valentina Tosi


Dr. Katrin Hochberg / Germany

Dr. Katrin Hochberg is a project manager at the Steinbeis 2i GmbH. She is working for the Interreg DTP project Finance4SocialChange, which aims to increase the investment readiness of Social Enterprises and improve the ecosystem for social economy in the whole Danube region.


 More information about Katrin Hochberg

 Steinbeis 2i GmbH

Federico Guiati / Italy

Architect PhD is a social researcher and stakeholder manager in local development projects. Contract professor at Politecnico di Torino.


 POA srls

Dr. Rahel Schomaker / Austria

Dr. Rahel M. Schomaker teaches both at the University of Applied Sciences Carinthia and at the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer, and is also a Senior Fellow at the German Research Institute of Public Administration.

 More information about Rahel Schomaker

University of Applied Sciences Carinthia


Jure Raztočnik / Slovenia

Jure Raztočnik is director of Development Agency Kozjansko. His main expertise is regional development, providing support to SMEs and management of EU funded projects.


Agency Kozjansko

Gaia Giombelli / Italy

Master’s Degree in International Relations, former researcher in a social research institute, I currently work on social impact evaluation within Torino Social Impact, the ecosystem for social entrepreneurship and impact investors, supporting projects and startups working on innovation and technology for welfare.


 More information about Gaia Giombelli

 Torino Social Impact

Lenka Puh / Slovenia

Lenka Puh is a social entrepreneur and a honorary member of the Association of Slovenian Innovators.

 More information about Lenka Puh.

 Jazon d.o.o.

Miriam Mohr / Germany

Miriam Mohr is a project manager at Steinbeis 2i GmbH in Karlsruhe, Germany. Her expertise focuses mainly on the management of EU-funded projects in the field of regional development, social innovation as well as SME and innovation support.


 More information about Miriam Mohr

Steinbeis 2i GmbH


Emilie Lanciano / France

Emilie Lanciano is a Professor of Management Sciences at the University of Lyon 2 and a researcher at the Coactis laboratory. She works on agricultural, food, territorial and Social and Solidarity Economy issues. She is also co-director of the Chair in Social and Solidarity Economy.


 More information about Emilie Lanciano

Université de Lyon 2 / Chaire ESS



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“Social innovation strives to make people’s life better” – how can we incorporate technological innovation into that goal?


“How can public actors and social innovators join their force to answer the growing challenges of our time?”


“Public-Private Collaborations for positive impact”


“Funding for Social Innovation, an interactive challenge-game”


“Social impact, methodologies, measurement and concrete applications” 


“Business models of the future”


“Funding for Social Innovation, an interactive challenge-game”