The Social Innovation Strategy platform, an initiative from the European project ASIS, aims to promote, encourage and support Social Innovation in the Alpine region. It provides an online tool to discuss about social innovation, to share information and ideas and to create a community.

The project

The ASIS (Alpine Social Innovation Strategy) project, financed by the programme INTERREG Alpine Space, aims to launch, develop and promote Social Innovation (SI) as a new vision of innovation in the Alpine space area. All this with the objective of increasing the innovation capacity of Alpine space regions and better answer to economic and societal challenges met by each Alpine region.

You can visit the project website : www.alpine-space.eu/projects/asis/

The programme

The ASIS project is financed by INTERREG Alpine Space.

The Alpine Space programme is a European transnational cooperation programme for the Alpine region. It provides a framework to facilitate the cooperation between key players in seven Alpine countries.

The programme is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as well as by national public and private co-funding of the partners’ states.

The partnership

The ASIS project partners come from 5 different countries of the alpine region:

University of Lyon II – Chaire ESS, Département de l’Isère and Oxalis Scop from France, Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and Amadeus Association from Austria, Steinbeis 2i GmbH from Germany, Development Agency Kozjansko and Center Noordung from Slovenia, the City of Torino and the Chamber of Commerce of Torino from Italy.

The project’s objectives

ASIS’ objectives are to propose a new and shared vision of social innovation, an Alpine space strategy to answer challenges and new public policies and funding schemes to better support social innovation development. All this will be completed by new tools, methodologies, guidelines and a European platform for social innovation.

The platform

The Social Innovation Strategy platform is an online tool, free and open to everyone.

Its main goal is to highlight Social Innovation in the Alpine Space area.


A space to debate, discuss and exchange on Social Innovation. A way to connect the most important stakeholders of SI in the alpine region and to create a European social innovation community.

Resources and publications

All the results, findings and production of the ASIS project will be available and free for all.