A few words about ASIS guidelines

Why ASIS guidelines?

The ASIS (Alpine Social Innovation Strategy) project aims to launch, develop and promote Social Innovation (SI) as a new vision of innovation in the Alpine space area.
We want to make an impact in all alpine countries by disseminating the project results to relevant stakeholders so that actors implementing social innovation projects can benefit from the concrete findings of the project. For this reason, the project developed online guidelines which will transfer new knowledge created in the thematic work packages of the project. These materials are accessible to the public on the ASIS platform.

Who are the guidelines for?

The ASIS guidelines are mainly addressed to Public Authorities and are devised to transfer expertise about Social Innovation and enable them to better support Social Innovation projects.  

How are the materials developed?

All ASIS guidelines are developed in a joint participatory approach. Based on the project’s research activities, the ASIS project partners defined 5 topics for guidelines. Each partner developed a concept for their respective guideline topic. 
In February 2020, all ASIS partners came together in Karlsruhe, Germany, to discuss the partners’ concepts in an interactive workshop. Stakeholders from different regions were also invited to provide input to the proposed concepts. All partners proceeded to develop their guidelines with the support of the work package leader Steinbeis 2i and feedback from other partners. 

During a 3-month testing phase, the guidelines are available to a selected group of stakeholders who will provide feedback to the developed materials. The feedback will be evaluated by the means of a grid analysis which will serve as a basis for a final improvement of the materials. 

All guidelines will be available on the ASIS platform in 5 languages (English, French, Italian, German, Slovenian) in February 2021.