October 2020 Edition
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What's new about social innovation in the Alpine region?


This autumn is definitely like no other. But despite this unusual situation and all the uncertainties of the Covid context, we, at ASIS project, continue to make every effort to move the project forward and pursue our mission of promoting a new vision of innovation in the Alpine space area.

Our new evaluation software, developed by the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS), one of our Austrian partners, is almost finalized. We invite you to learn more about this user-friendly instrument which was designed to help identify promising innovative and sustainable projects.

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Learning about social innovation - ASIS trainings and guidelines in testing phase

What is the common vision of social innovation developed by the ASIS project? How can public policies for social innovation be improved? What is social impact measurement?
Answering these and many more questions about social innovation, the ASIS partners developed online trainings and guidelines which are designed to disseminate the concrete project results, so that stakeholders can benefit from the work done in the project.
In order to ensure the quality and usefulness of our materials, a selected group of stakeholders is evaluating them during a testing phase. After a final revision, all trainings and guidelines will be available on the ASIS platform in 5 languages (English, French, Italian, German, Slovenian) by February 2021.

Have a first sneak peak and give your feedback on the ASIS trainings and guidelines here.
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New ASIS software to help decision-makers evaluate

social innovation projects

One of the most important goals of ASIS is to enable public authorities to evaluate if proposed projects or programs will likely contribute to social innovation. This is even more important if public funds are allocated to these projects.
Thus, ASIS has developed an instrument that facilitates the selection of promising projects with social impact. This tool can be used in the framework of the distribution of funding schemes at national, regional and local level, but also at European level.
The software has been designed to compare applications with existing, successful social innovation projects in the Alpine Space, highlighting the impact of selected characteristics and measures on the “success” of a project. User-friendly, this tool can be used online or offline, embedded in the intranet of public authorities.
After entering information from the application, the outcome sheet displays the values of the proposal compared with successful existing projects, giving some hints about the likelihood of success, or what should be adjusted.

Therewith ASIS provides a useful evaluation tool to support public authorities in their decision-making about projects fundings.

decision tool


Social innovation in Interreg

Team members of some Interreg programs met beginning of September to consider the place of social innovation in the programs of the forthcoming period.
The purpose of this virtual showcase was to make the manifold achievements and contributions of these projects visible to programme bodies, European institutions, stakeholders, decision-makers and anyone else interested in social innovation, and to see how to join forces to communicate Interreg project results collectively.
After sharing an overview of the achievements of current projects related to social innovation, the participants thought about how they could still play a role in shaping the future Interreg programs.

Social innovation in Interreg


Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Baden-Wurttemberg – How to be relevant for society and economically profitable?

This joint workshop of the EU-funded projects ASIS, DepoSIt and Finance4SocialChange sheds a light on current and future trends in social innovation and social entrepreneurship.
October 6th 2020 - On-line workshop organized by Steinbeis.

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