August 2020 Edition
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What's new about social innovation in the Alpine region?

Austria - Alps

It is summer time, but we wanted to keep you informed about the status of the ASIS project.
Our program has been slightly modified, due to the unusual situation. But even if events have been canceled and if we had to consider working in a different way, we, at ASIS project, keep moving forward.
We got used to the new situation, organizing on-line workshops and meetings, and continuing developing tools to foster social innovation in the Alpine area. Our guidelines and trainings are currently being tested by a selection of stakeholders and we will be happy to share them with you soon.
We let you discover our work and we wish you a nice and safe summer.

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ASIS steering committee 2020

The 2020 ASIS Steering committee meeting took place on July 10th, in a brand new online version.
All partners had a chance to discuss the most important topics of the project: management, communication, previous and upcoming tasks, events and reports.
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Social innovation, local actors and public policies, second edition of the workshop in Grenoble, France:

After the first edition that took place last January, the ASIS French partners, Département de l’Isère and Oxalis, organised a second workshop with local stakeholders, involved in social innovation. This edition, that took place on-line due to the particular context.
The objective was to start from existing recommendations and sketch out more concrete and practical ideas.
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MurDeMots social innovation
Slovenia - Alps


Encourage faster and more comprehensive development of social innovations - Slovenia

There are more and more social innovators in Slovenia. They are innovative and penetrating. Many of them are already internationally established. Some solve environmental problems, others help deprived and vulnerable groups in society. However, they all work together to create a better, more united and fairer society that works in harmony with nature.
Tanja Tamše, member of the ASIS project, together with Maja Novak and Simona Roškar, have been playing with the idea of how to unite and connect social innovators (entrepreneurs, local and national institutions). They want to encourage faster and more comprehensive development of social innovations at all levels of society , by building an ecosystem of social innovators in Slovenia.
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Due to the uncertainty of the current situation in Europe, we are not able to communicate on future events yet.
The new schedule of upcoming events for the fall and winter period, will be posted as soon as we have more visibility on the situation.
On-site or on-line, we will get back to you soon. Stay tune!

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