April 2020 Edition
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What's new about social innovation in the Alpine region?

Slovenia - Alps
The ASIS project is moving forward!
ASIS partners are pursuing their work. New studies have been released, workshops have been organized to create awareness about social innovation, to gather data and make suggestions to improve support to social innovation. The platform is continuously enriched and our forum is launched.
So come and have a look at what is going on on our platform!
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Identifying common challenges in the Alpine space

City of Turin (Italy) published in January 2020 the report “Alpine Space Strategy Framework on Social Innovation” based on the work developed with all ASIS partners. Indeed, they had previously identified, in each territory, some common challenges, to which Social Innovation can respond.
- Strengthen local communities and promote development and livability in rural and mountain areas and regeneration processes in urban areas
- Develop new employment, occupation models and professional training, fostering inclusion of vulnerables
- Develop collaborative communities to support elderly
Thanks to their definitions, an Alpine Space strategy framework on Social Innovation has been identified, setting up a transnational strategy. Some strategic areas have been suggested as application and working fields for Public Authorities, for a coherent governance of Social Innovation supports.
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How to Achieve Systemic Change with Social Innovation

Center Noordung (Vitanje, Slovenia) organized a conference called "How to achieve systemic change with social innovation" last October. During this event, Tanja Tamše, who runs the ASIS project in Center Noordung, briefly presented the project and its goals. Some prestigious speakers also contributed: Janez Topolšek, Head of Social Entrepreneurship, Cooperative and Economic Democracy at Ministry of Economy, presented 'Supporting Policies for Social Entrepreneurship'. Then, Primož Šporar, founder of the Fund05 and member of the European Economic and Social Committee, gave a keynote speech titled 'European perspective on social innovation'.
Following this conference and as a result of various events, Center Noordung gathered some recommendations, resulting from exchanges with social innovation actors, to improve the consideration of social innovation.
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If you want to contribute and share your opinion about what needs to be changed in your city, about the main challenges your community is facing, and how would you go to take them up, then join us on our forum!
Slovenian Alps

How public institutions could better support social innovation?

Recently, the ASIS French partners, Département de l'Isère, Lyon 2 University and OXALIS, organised a workshop in Grenoble, France, with local stakeholders, involved in social innovation.
This half-day workshop aimed to discuss how public institutions could better include and support social innovation in and by their policies.
This workshop has been the opportunity to gather stakeholders form the public and the local sectors.
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France - Alps

ASIS Workshop in Karlsruhe

The ASIS partners met in Karlsruhe, Germany, last February, to work on the development on guidelines and training tools to support public policies orientation changes.
The workshop was hosted by the ASIS partner, Steinbeis Centrum.
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ASIS Karlsruhe meeting
EUSALP - French presidency


EUSALP Presidency

The 4th of February, in Lyon (France), France officially took the presidency of the EUSALP (European Strategy for the Alpine Region) for 2020, after the 2019 Italian presidency. Département de l'Isère participated at the summit and took the opportunity to introduce the ASIS project.


Due to the current situation in Europe, all future events have currently been postponed. New schedule of upcoming events will be posted as soon as we have more visibility on the coming months. Stay tune!

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