April 2021 Edition
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What's new about social innovation in the Alpine region?



Our ASIS project is coming to an end. This project has mobilized 10 partners in 5 countries over the last 3 years, with one objective: impulse change and support public authorities to integrate the social dimension of innovation in their public policies.

Among these years, we have developed some supportive publications, trainings and guidelines..., and we are now very proud to present to you our White Book. This publication gathers most of our production in one comprehensive document to create an overview of all the new strategic actions/instruments we proposed, together with concrete implementation methodologies and procedures.

Finally, we would like to say a word about our final event. On April 1st, we celebrated the completion of our project, during the Alpine Social Innovation Day. A one-day event that questioned how Social Innovation changes cooperation and public actions. We hope you enjoyed inspiring testimonials, and got a chance to catch some ideas to change the way you see innovation.

We also take the opportunity of this newsletter to thank all people who supported and followed our work during these last years! We would like to give some special thanks to all the experts who shared their vision and their precious experience, and to the ASIS project partners for their valued involvement.

We encourage you to keep an eye on our platform and social media, that will continue to be enriched during the following months: our materials are free of use, so consult them, and spread the word!

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In the meantime, stay safe and have a pleasant reading!


ASIS FINAL EVENT- Alpine Social Innovation Day
A fruitful and inspiring day!

To celebrate the completion of our project, the 10 ASIS partners from Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia, organized the Alpine Social Innovation Day on April 1st.
An enriching day dedicated to social innovation and inter-alpine exchanges, which offered a wide panel of conferences and workshops, around the question of how Social Innovation changes cooperation and public action.
More than 150 participants, from around the Alpine Space and beyond, ensured the success of this event. We hope our Alpine Social Innovation Day gave you some inspiration, seeded some new ideas and fueled some innovative projects.

If you want to catch up with the materials shared during this session, we invite to you to have a look at our platform, where all presentations are available.
A special thank you also goes to all our fantastic speakers, to our team members, and to all attendees, who managed to make this event a truly special one!



Our White Book has been released!

We are glad to present our White Book!
The main objective of this White Book is to gather all materials, reports, tools, and recommendations in one comprehensive document, to create an overview of all the new strategic actions and instruments we proposed, together with concrete implementation methodologies and procedures. Pursuing one ultimate goal: encourage all entities to use and disseminate these recommendations.
As public authorities are not all at the same stage of progress in taking Social Innovation into account in their public policies, our White Book is either a first step, a source of inspiration, or a guide to test and implement changes.


A great success!

In the first months of 2021, we worked on the development of strategic documents, among them, a shared Social Innovation strategy for the Alpine space region. We presented these documents and findings to actors throughout the Alpine region, mainly in Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Slovenia during the past two months.

After sessions in each alpine region, the Social Innovation Academy took up residence in Slovenia, where two trainings were conducted for the public sector, in cooperation with the Slovenian Ministry for Public Administration, the IRDO Institute, the ETRI Community, Maja Novak, Simona Roskar, and the former Minister of Regional Development, Ms. Zdenka M. Kovac.

Overall, we had over 300 participants among Europe and the feedbacks were really encouraging!


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