March 2021 Edition
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What's new about social innovation in the Alpine region?


Spring, season of change, is fast approaching with its positive energy; a period particularly favorable to the blossoming of new ideas and innovative practices!

We encourage you to attend the last sessions of our Social Innovation Academy, an opportunity to share experiences and acquire complementary knowledge to implement a relevant social innovation strategy. And why not getting inspired by exciting initiatives by having a look at our new website section?

April will also see our project coming to an end. We invite you to celebrate the achievement of the ASIS adventure on April 1st, during the Alpine Social Innovation Day! A unique occasion to discuss how Social Innovation changes cooperation and public action with international speakers, to discover the latest outputs of the ASIS consortium, and to share opportunities with participants from the whole Alpine area.
We hope to meet you all virtually on April 1st!

Meanwhile, you can continue to observe our work and to follow us on our social media.
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For further information, come and have a look at our platform!
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Alpine Social Innovation Day - April 1st
A great occasion to discuss about how social innovation can change cooperation and public action!

To celebrate the completion of the ASIS project, the 10 partners from Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia, organize the Alpine Social Innovation Day on April 1st.
This international online event will host conferences, workshops and networking activities, to discuss how Social Innovation changes cooperation and public action.

On this occasion, three different workshops will be organized in the morning, questioning how Social Innovation can change 1/ our vision of innovation, 2/ our public policies, 3/ our forms of cooperation.
In the afternoon, the three proposed workshops will address how Social Innovation can change 1/ our funding schemes, 2/our ways to measure social impact and finally 3/our ways to create social value and to build innovant business models.

During these sessions, we will welcome some engaging testimonials, highlight some European pilot experimentations and share the most relevant ASIS project outputs.
Additionally, several networking activities will be open all day long, to meet virtually and share opportunities, in a friendly atmosphere.

We count on your participation!

This event is free and will take place online, in English.
Please register before March 25th.


The world is changing! Come and have a look!

Our platform now includes a new section, which highlights innovative initiatives throughout the Alpine space. An opportunity to get inspired from interesting ideas!

If you wish to share some valuable projects that starts to change the world in your village, city or region, please contact us, we will be glad to promote them.
Have a look!


ASIS resources available in 5 languages

Within the frame of the ASIS project, we have developed a series of Guidelines and Trainings modules, that provide public actors a panel of tools to help them better support social innovation in their areas.

These learning tools are now freely accessible in 5 different languages: English, French, German, Italian and Slovenian.
Have a look!


More sessions to go in France, Italy and Slovenia.

After a first round of meetings in Austria and Germany, our Social Innovation Academy is heading to France, Italy and Slovenia. This comprehensive training program, structured around three modules, is a great opportunity to acquire further knowledge about social innovation.

You have some responsibilities within your local, regional or national authorities? You are in charge of the economic development of territories? You are interested in how social innovation can reply to social challenges? Come and participate!

To know more about the open dates in France, Italy and Slovenia, consult our planning!


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