January 2021 Edition
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What's new about social innovation in the Alpine region?


2020 is over and we all look forward to 2021 with hope.
We know that the Covid-19 situation is far to be over but we want to remain optimistic and start this new year with enthusiasm.
Climax of our project, 2021 will be an opportunity to pass on to all those involved in social innovation, the methodologies and tools that we have developed over the past few months, during the Social Innovation Academy days.
2021 will also mark the end of our project, which we do not see as a conclusion but as an opening towards new possibilities and a first step to implement new strategies and public policies for social innovation. We are already looking forward to seeing you (maybe virtually) on April 1st to celebrate the achievement of our project and share our work during an international event, the Alpine Social Innovation Day, details of which will be announced shortly.
We hope you will continue to follow our work.
We wish you all the best for the new year! Have a pleasant reading.

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Save the date to explore new solutions for societal challenges

Social innovation is growing as it proposes new solutions to the social and environmental challenges around the world. Unfortunately, it seems that the vision of social innovation changes from individual to individual and from region to region, which complicates the implementation of policies and actions to support and finance it.
With the ASIS Social Innovation Academy, we, ASIS partners, are hoping to explain our new vision of innovation. We aim to present the tools with which social innovation can be implemented more successfully and above all we hope you become inspired from concrete examples and start supporting social innovation in your territory as well as start developing an action plan to implement social innovation strategies and public policies into your organization, city, region or country.

To become actors in this new vision of innovation, attend the sessions of our Social Innovation Academy next February and March, in each Alpine region.

More precisions on the schedule and the content will be available soon on our platform.


Social Innovation Days - Slovenia

Last November, Center Noordung organized the Social Innovation Days, within the frame of the ASIS project, a three-day session to discuss about social innovation with experts and public authorities. A great opportunity for all actors of the Slovenian social innovation eco-system to meet and exchange together.
The first round welcomed two renowned speakers, Ladeja Godina Kosir and Vioeta Bulc, to discuss about the European Green Deal, circular economy and ecocivilisation.
Organized on-line, the second session has seen the contribution of two social innovation local experts: Karolina Babic (PhD) who talked about Slovenian perspective on Social Innovation and Matic Primc who presented participatory budget (on municipality level).
During the third session, participants got a chance to get a presentation from Ms. Nena Dokuzov, member of a working group about financial perspective of cohesion policy/funds at the at Ministry of Economy. A workshop facilitated by Maja Novak, that covered four topics: finance for social innovation, social impact measurements, social innovation in public administration, and social innovation support ecosystem.

An intense program to discuss about innovative policies!
More information here.


ASIS evaluation tool on-line

ASIS has developed a benchmark instrument that facilitates the evaluation of promising projects with social impact. The software has been designed to compare projects with existing, successful social innovation projects in the Alpine Space. User-friendly, this tool can be used online or offline, embedded in the intranet of public authorities. Learn more!

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Our final event is scheduled! Save the date!

We have scheduled our final event. We count on your participation, on April 1st (This isn't an April fool's joke!).
Events will be online, due to the context, combined, when possible, with physical regional events.
You can already save the date and stay tune to get the detailed program. Follow our calendar!


Want to share some innovative initiatives ?

You wish to share with us some interesting initiatives from your territories?
Contact us and we will give them a spotlight via our platform and social networks.

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